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Like that Miniature pocket in your jeans, the leather diamond-shaped patch found in your Herschel Supply backpack Isn’t just there for decorative purposes[Picture: 49eb] Image via Lifehacker Many backpacks include useful added features, like hidden pockets, removable components, and key loops, but one you may not know which can be put to use is your diamond patch. says.comReferred to as “lash tab” or “pig snout” (for obvious reasons), the leather patch with two slitted slots is not only a cool decoration, but a means to hang additional gear on backpacks! [Picture: 3b37] Cormack doesn’t anticipate his clients to use the patch, those on his bags tend to be more of “a nod to the past, to pay homage to those old alpine bags which had those.” says.comWhilst nobody carries an ice axe around Nowadays, the humble patch may be used to hold items that might not fit in your backpack like a pair of shoes[Picture: F8a4] Picture via Business Insider Using cords and ropes, you may easily carry more stuff on it if you are short on luggage space. It’s also a fantastic way to avoid overweight baggage fees when you are travelling. says.comNext time you run out of room in your backpack, you need to know what to do!

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