911 Tactical Backpack

How to choose a tactical backpack

First thing: forget the price

Tactical backpacks are designed to fulfill multiple functions, especially related to military activities, under extreme conditions and for many years. This means that, due to the quality of their materials, durability and resistance, they are not usually very economical backpacks. So you should focus on what you expect to find in your tactical backpack, the type of use you will give it and, within the options, choose one with a price that you are willing to pay.

Of course, you will find cheap tactical backpacks, but you must consider what you are willing to lose by paying a lower price (resistance, comfort, size …).

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The second: capacity and distribution of spaces

Keep in mind that tactical backpacks have more compartments and pockets than other backpacks, but it is not always convenient to choose a backpack with more spaces to equip, than which you usually use. The advice for this choice is to visualize the actions that you carry out daily in those that involve the use of the backpack, for example, to store and to take cards, drinks, etc .; storage of food, clothes, utensils, among others, and thus make an approximate calculation of the spaces that you will really take advantage of.

Now the capacity is related to the number of liters of cargo volume you can carry in the military tactical backpack. For two-day luggage you will need a backpack with a capacity of at least 40 liters, and for one day approximately 30 liters will be enough.

The more capacity your backpack has, the greater the weight to carry on your back and, probably, the price will also increase.

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Third: Do you want a waterproof tactical backpack?

Do not get confused! Most of these backpacks are water resistant, but this does not mean that they are totally waterproof. If you need to buy one that is waterproof, it is best to check the specifications of the product or directly with the seller, there are many types of threads that offer little resistance to water and you are about to make a significant investment.

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The fourth: buy comfort!

Almost certainly you will carry your backpack for many hours and to different destinations, so take your time to prove that it will not end up being like a cross on your back. Here are some of the things we suggest you observe:

• It has filling for the upper and lower back, without it being too rigid.
• Shoulder straps are also more durable when they come with padding or foam.
• Check the adjustment of the shoulder straps and check that you have a belt for the waist, as this helps to better distribute the weight on your back and prevents you from swinging your pack or it knocking against you.

It is worth clarifying that, when you travel too long, it is possible that the tactical backpack, with the passage of days, is not so comfortable. Do not feel disappointed, it is normal, you can not expect maximum comfort when the body is fatigued.

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The latest: expandability and M.O.L.L.E system

You can invest a little more in your backpack to be expandable, in case you decide to use the same pack for short and long trips. The ‘compact’ pockets are very useful and eventually become an extension of the backpack.

It is also interesting to include the M.O.L.L.E (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) system to carry multiple lightweight items. So you can anchor more accessories in your military backpack.

→ These recommendations are shared based on our clients’ experiences, but each person is free to choose what best fits their needs. Fortunately there are hundreds of designs for these backpacks and, without a doubt, you will find the best.

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