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The Diamond-Shaped Patch On Your Backpack Has A Purpose You Likely Didn’t Know About

Like that Miniature pocket in your jeans, the leather diamond-shaped patch found in your Herschel Supply backpack Isn’t just there for decorative purposes[Picture: 49eb] Image via Lifehacker Many backpacks include useful added features, like hidden pockets, removable components, and key loops, but one you may not know which can be put to use is your […]

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Revealed: The worst airline Luggage Fees (Such as $78 for a Back Pack)

With airlines today driving down the price of their chairs with stripped back tickets, they attempt to recoup some of their losses with discretionary add-ons like seat choice, in-flight dining as well as the actual money earner, checked bag. But which carrier charges the most for luggage, and which offers the best value should you […]

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